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We are Video Ninjas In Costa Rica

We have a passion for bringing the scenes to your screens! Amazing video, photos, and services offered by one of Costa Rica’s top video and photography agencies.
Call us if you need video and photography services in Real Estate and Property Surveying. Video Ninja also specializes in professional level promotional videos in conjunction with our partners in the air, we can make stunning promotions videos for you Costa Rican tour company, restaurant, clothing store, or hotel.

Who wouldn’t love 4k video of there last vacation in Costa Rica?  We are here to do just that.  You can hire a video ninja to document your family’s vacation.  If you already have the videos, but want a modern looking video summary of the trip, send us the footage and we’ll happy edit it into an exciting and cinematic video.

Video ninja is part of a large group of creative professionals creating media in Costa Rica.  This means no matter where you are located, we will have a video ninja available to provide coverage.

Video Ninja is here to aid in all cinematography projects and productions you have in Costa Rica. Call Video Ninja to be your camera on the ground for your next project.

Video Ninja’s can be found guiding tourists on video recorded adventures through the jungle, documenting music festivals and shows such as Jungle Jam and Envision Fest, and also at local businesses in and around San Jose.

Shoot us an email or call us at +506 8427-0728

Enjoy the scenes!

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